All the outputs and documents that we are developing in this project will be published here and can be downloaded for free.

Please note the different languages – all documents are available in English and mostly also in all partner languages (DE, EN, SV, IT, TR).

TypeFile NameDate ModifiedSize

DE Katalog Gruener Berufe Und Kompetenzen 10:11 am 03/27/20231M

EN Green Profession and Skills Catalogue 10:11 am 03/27/2023837.5k

IT Catalogo Delle Professioni E Delle Competenze Verdi 10:11 am 03/27/2023926.1k

SE Grön Yrke Och Kompetenskatalog 10:11 am 03/27/2023918.6k

TR Yeşil Meslek Ve Beceriler Kataloğu 10:11 am 03/27/2023910k


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